About Me

Once upon a time, I was a bored little admin who started a blog. Over the years, that blog became the foundation for my career as a digital marketer and communications professional. (Pro tip: ask me about the time MTV recruited me to be their first Twitter Jockey.)

With a few years of blogging and community building under my belt, I joined the creative agency iostudio, where I spent two years traveling the country and teaching the 54 states and territories of the National Guard to use social media as a marketing and recruitment tool.

I then relocated to the Bay Area to join Adobe’s Community Engagement team, where I worked on everything from content creation to campaigns and strategy for Fortune 500 brands like Levi’s, Hyatt and Safeway.

Wanting to move in-house, I jumped into startup world as Sidecar’s Head of Social. Over time, my role expanded and I became half of the Communications Department. Together two of us managed our company’s PR, social initiatives, influencer programs, events, and email marketing.

This spring, I accepted a position as DogVacay’s Head of Communications, where I lead their PR, develop and implement brand-building ideas and initiatives designed to drive awareness.

In my spare time, I’ve guest lectured at universities to educate America’s youths about personal branding and online privacy. I also regularly speak at conferences (Digital East, Marketing Camp, NCWIT Summit) about fun things like social media marketing and community building.

More? Check out my Living Résumé on Pinterest.

My favorite things in the world are karaoke, whiskey that burns a little on the way down, and french fries of all shapes and sizes.

And yes, I would love to grab a drink while snarkily people watching with you.